Training procedure

The road to successful training

Previous experience of strength training is not required with Kieser Training. We provide the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need during our induction period. Our first six sessions are conducted on a 1:1 basis with one of our professionally qualified instructors and over these six sessions you be confident and competent to embark on a program of independent training. Of course at the end of your sixth session you are not left entirely to your own devices. Our team is always available to answer questions, oversee your technique as well as ensure that your regular check sessions, during which we review your progress and goals, are scheduled.

How to get started – Simply make an appointment

Simply make an appointment for a Free Introductory Session with one of our instructors. Your second appointment is usually an initial evaluation conducted by one of our Physiotherapists. Over the course of this one hour consultation our Physiotherapist will undertake a complete review of your medical history, physical condition, mobility, training background, personal goals and perform an initial back strength test. This initial consultation is subject to private health insurance rebates. The supervision and involvement of our team of physiotherapists is one of the unique differences at Kieser Training.

After your initial consultation with the physiotherapist they will either recommend a course of Therapy if required, or schedule your Introductory Session with one of our Instructors.

You can make an appointment for a Free Intro or an Initial Consultation at your nearest Kieser Training facility – either by telephone or online. Our online form allows you to schedule your desired date and time by generating a personalised e-voucher.

Introductory session

At the introductory session with your Instructor, we discuss your training background, goals and interests and prepare a training program that meets your specific objectives. At this session we provide a thorough introduction to the first few exercises of your program.

2nd and 3rd training sessions

At these sessions, you gradually learn the remaining exercises in your programme and how to adjust the machines. In addition, we provide information on our training methodology and the specifics of each exercises.

4th to 6th training sessions

During these sessions, as you commence independent training, we will introduce you to some specific strength tests in order to establish a baseline for your program. In the 4th session you will simulate the strength test protocol with your instructor and during the 5th session you will conduct the actual strength test using the Kieser Training Strength Meter. At your 6th session your instructor will discuss with you the results of your strength test.

14th training session

Between the 6th and 14th training session, you train independently, although always under the watchful eyes of our staff. The 14th Session is the first of our regularly scheduled Check Sessions during which we will discuss your progress and provide an opportunity to answer any specific questions you might have.

Regular review sessions

After every 20 training sessions we schedule further Check Sessions or a New Program depending on your goals and progress. At all times our team of instructors and phsysiotherapists are available to answer questions, assist with your training as well as correct and improve your training technique.


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