The brand

For more than 40 years, the Kieser Training brand has been synonymous with targeted training for muscle strengthening. By offering a uniform product, high-quality training and therapy machines and operating a successful franchising system, Kieser Training has become a strong international brand. Kieser Training stands for no compromise in terms of its focus on an unchanging product.

Our product can be regarded as purist. Kieser Training is concentrated and there are no distractions. It does not offer music, wellness area or juice bar. Our message: the Kieser Training concept is clear and simple and so is the brand. Our slogan “a strong back knows no pain” describes our concept in six words and that too makes the brand attractive, unique and tangible.

Corporate Design

The Corporate Design of Kieser Training has developed and changed over the years but we have always placed value on a clear design with only a few elements.  For example, the logo, which has characterised our product since the Nineties is succinct and to the point with its distinctive yellow colour and the back as a strong symbol.